Not many people start their business out of a desire to do lots of bookkeeping. More likely, you started your own business to give you the freedom to live the way you want to, and align your work life with your personal values.

But every company, big or small, is always concerned about managing money. Whether you’re just starting out, or are an established business, proper financial management is crucial to surviving a volatile economy and industry competition. Small businesses especially need to exercise caution with their financial decisions from the very beginning.

Kedwell & Co will work with you to develop a financial structure that generates a profit, so you can focus on working on the things in your business that energise you. We know how hard it is to take a good idea and turn it into a viable business, and we don’t have a patronizing, pat-your-head approach. We will listen to your ideas and concerns, and will use our knowledge and experience to help ensure the proper financial management of your business.

If you're simply after some advice, you can pay for our services by the hour. Or if you need longer term accounting services, talk to us about a fixed fee package.

So, if you're an entrepreneur and find yourself sitting in front of an Excel spreadsheet and wanting to be anywhere but there, have a chat with us to see how we can help.




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